Medlight Surgical has one goal in mind: to produce the best surgical illumination tools. Surgeons need to spend their time on the patient without adjusting finicky lighting equipment. Our easy-to-use products will minimize any discomfort and provide for a seamless experience.

Our Product

We are a team of materials science, electrical, and mechanical engineers developing a novel
LED surgical headlamp. Our product integrates automatic lighting capabilities in existing surgical
headlight technology that provides bright, white, natural light to the surgical field with a more
hands-free experience. It’ll seem like the light isn’t even there when looking around the room.
The portable system will be powered by state-of-the-art batteries while maintaining standards in
lighting quality, battery life, and comfort. Be prepared for maximum efficiency in the operating room!

The Design

Our comfortable headset includes adjustable head width and length knobs. The battery system is located off the headset, ensuring minimal weight on the user’s head. The luminaire attachment houses the lighting components and is originally designed to provide a quality light on the surgical field. Other electrical components are fixed on the side of the headset. It is lightweight and is a breeze to use during surgery.

The Technology

Our headset uses an automatic lighting feature to help reduce unnecessary battery usage and encourages hands-free operation. The headlamp works just like any other, but will turn off automatically when the user looks up.

The Light

The headlamp uses a state-of-the-art LED as a light source. Our light will reach appropriate lux, color temperature, and CRI values competitive with other high end surgical lighting products.

The Competitors

Competing headlight products vary widely in what they offer. Lux values can be anywhere from 40,000 - 350,000. Battery life claims are anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours, but many of these values are misleading and unproven. Our product specifications will be transparent and real, with a goal of achieving 70,000 lux, 90 CRI, and color temperature of 4500K.

On top of this, no major changes have been made to the market in a long time. Novelty is left to be desired, but our LED surgical headlamp will stand out from others. Other products require manual adjustment of brightness when no focused on the operation, but our product maintains hands-free operation while maintaining standards in lighting quality, battery life, and comfort.